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2-Day Excel Power Query Series 1 - Automating Data Preparation Course (Exclusive Course)

Course Overview

This course is created, owned, and trained by its original creator,  Mr. Alaster Leong. Learn from the original creator.

Important Note: 

Please check the following before registering:

  • The guide to check Power Query availability here.

Power Query will change the way you use Excel.

Power Query is an Excel business intelligence tool that allows you to import data from a variety of sources to be cleaned, transformed and reshaped as needed  (ETL process). Available in Excel version 2016 and above (Power Query is not available on Mac operating systems), it can be utilised to solve any challenging data analysis problems instantly. Unfortunately, many Excel users have yet to discover its existence or are simply unsure about its functions, and therefore continue to do things in the traditional “labour intensive” manner, or in the “complex” way using complex formulas.

Using Excel Power Query allows you to enjoy:

  • Quick processing and combination of data from different sources including Excel, text files, web data, online services, databases, and even documents stored in SharePoint folders.
  • Replacement of complex formulas with a few simple clicks
  • Efficient complex data transformation that usually requires a long time (e.g., unpivoting data).

Furthermore, your actions are recorded – so once you receive new data inputs, simply click ‘Refresh’!

And these are only just a few of many examples on how using Excel Power Query can improve your workflow and data analysis. Additionally, the knowledge and skills you learn through our Power Query training can also be applied to Power BI and Power Pivot.

Benefits of Excel Power Query

You may be wondering that these all sound great, but how exactly can you use this tool at work? Utilising Excel Power Query in your daily work can:

  • Change the way you interact with data in Excel and shave off hours which can be used to explore your data, develop powerful insights, and make informed decisions.
  • Effectively import and clean millions of rows of data into a data model for analysis.
  • Reduce the amount of work that goes into converting, cleaning, formatting, deleting and changing the formats of your source data. This saves the working time required to update the data analysis worksheet.
  • Easily create queries and data connections to multiple data sources and reports that will update when new data is added to the source.
  • Help to automate tedious and repetitive tasks without writing a single programming code.
  • Provide you with access to an array of powerful tools for transforming data all in one place.
  • Save hours of time that would have been spent manually copying and pasting via the traditional method.
  • Refresh your data quickly and easily with one click.
  • Reduce time spent on manual tasks.
  • Allow you to set up the query to be reused with a simple refresh.

You will find our Excel Power Query – Series 1 course a lot easier and fun than you may imagine. After your Power Query training, you will walk away with tools to solve real-world problems and make a positive impact in your work.

You might not know this, but in general, the more effort you put into learning something, the more rewarding it will get. However, with our Excel Power Query course, you will yield many rewards with just a little effort. Once again, this robust Excel tool will definitely blow you away with its data transformation capabilities.

Are you ready to undergo our in-depth Power Query training to learn a Smarter, Faster and Easier way to prepare your data? Take your Excel skills to the next level and change the way you interact with this software forever.

Course Information


SGD 860.00 (Nett)

Absentees will be charged the full course fees


9:00am to 5:00pm (14 hours)


Classroom @ Hotel

(Venue may be subject to changes)


15-16 Jul 2024
09-10 Sep 2024
14-15 Nov 2024

Why Learn With Us?

Upon completion of the course, learners will be able to:

  • Import, clean, and transform large datasets from a variety of sources such as Excel, CSV and web data
  • Consolidate data from multiple Excel workbooks into one Table (or Pivot Table)
  • Combine data from all files within a folder (and make exceptions as needed)
  • Store the end result into Excel Data Model for further data analysis

This Excel Power Query course will benefit people who:

  • Receive daily, weekly, or monthly data files which require consolidation into one table for analysis. Once the next period’s file is received, they can then use Power Query to connect to the folder and automatically add the new data to the consolidated table
  • Often search for Excel formulas online and wonder if there is an alternative method.
  • Want to discover new ways to get work done faster with Excel
  • Work with big data using Excel
  • Are intrigued by the power dimension of Excel
  • Work with Excel reports, dashboards, and analysis, and spend countless hours preparing and cleaning up data from other Excel worksheets, financial systems, databases, websites, SharePoint, and other sources
  • Merge data using Vlookup or other lookup and reference functions
  • Are Excel users and are interested in automating the process of working with external data
  • Needs to combine data manually in Excel (with Power Query, you will no longer need to copy and paste)
  • Get their data from CSV, text or XML files, or other Excel
  • Are Excel users who work with data models

This is a hands-on practical course. Trainer will walk through the topic step-by-step. Learners will be provided with exercise files on every topic to effectively apply what have been taught. A short Q & A session will be available after each topic.

To undergo our Power Query training course, you will need to possess:

  • A Windows operating system laptop with Microsoft Excel version 2019 or higher or Office 365 installed with Power Query available (personal laptop is preferred as some company laptops may have security restrictions).
  • Laptop power adaptor and a USB mouse.

Course Outline

  • What is Power Query?
  • Benefits of Power Query
  • The Process
  • Proper Data Set
  • Analyse Large Data
  • Connecting to Source Data
  • Touring Power Query Editor
  • Changing the Source Path
  • Quick Insights on Data Quality & Distribution
  • Working with Applied Step
  • Changing Query Destination
  • Source Data Refresh Options
  • Handling Changes to Source
  • Duplicate & Reference Query
  • Query Dependencies
  • Managing Query
  • Text Transformation
  • Sort & Remove Duplicates
  • Number Transformation
  • Working with Filter
  • Column from Examples
  • Conditional Grouping Column
  • Conditional Column
  • Aggregating Data using Group By
  • Group By for All Rows
  • Unpivot Column
  • Pivot Column
  • Date Transformation
  • Creating Date from Text or Column
  • Time Transformation
  • Date & Number Error when Importing
  • Add Custom Column
  • Add Helper Step
  • Adjust Filter to Dynamically Reference to Helper Step
  • Create Dynamic Parameters using Drill Down
  • Importing Data from a Website
  • Importing Data from Google Sheets
  • Append Data from Multiple Workbooks
  • Combine All Files from Folder (with Table)
  • Combine All Files from Folder (without Table)
  • Combine All Data Sheets from a Workbook
  • Combine All Data Sheets from Current Workbook
  • Merge – Left & Right Outer Join
  • Merge – Based on Multiple Columns
  • Merge – Inner, Full & Anti Joins
  • Merge – Fuzzy Match

This course is created, owned and trained by Mr. Alaster Leong. Learn from the original creator of this course.

Alaster has been training adult learners in IT in both the private and public sectors since 1986. Alaster’s career before training centred around IT for over 12 years, as he held various roles within software development. He has earned himself a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification and he is an existing Trainer approved by People’s Association (PA). He was also a former Associate Trainer with the Civil Service College.

He specialises on training Microsoft Applications and Adobe Photoshop. Based on his vast experience and keeping abreast with the emerging trends, tools and technologies with the IT industry, especially software, he has extensively involved in developing several course outlines and course materials and conducting training to equip learners with skills in-demand or likely to be most important in the jobs of the future work.

Alaster constantly explore innovative and effective ways in imparting knowledge and engaging his learners at the same time. He also focuses his training on providing practical solutions to real-life problems, especially Excel. He is more than willing to help overcome various problems faced by his learners that arise in their workplace in applying their newly-acquired knowledge and skills any time after the course. He is well-known for his dedication, commitment and passion to training that makes him well-liked and appreciated by his learners.

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