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All our courses are not subsidised and non-claimable using SkillsFuture credit. Learners are required to bring along their own laptops for all IT courses.

All IT Courses are conducted in English and PC/Windows operating system.

Creating a form is easy but creating a digital fillable Word form can be tedious and time consuming when transferring is done manually. Stop wasting hours when you can transfer 100 digital forms from Word to Excel automatically in less than 1 minute! Learn time saving techniques now to increase work efficiency.

Dashboards are the key in today’s data-driven environment. Through the use of data visualizations, excel dashboard simplifies complex data sets into manageable chunks of visual information and other strategic data to provide users with an awareness of current performance – at a quick glance. 

Power Query helps you to extract, transform, and load data from flat files, folders, databases, etc and automate processes inside Excel and save you time! Create Data Model to integrate data from multiple tables to create “relationships” and use Power Pivot to perform powerful data analysis.

With a handy list of useful tips and techniques on hand, every Excel user will be able to save time – effectively improving work efficiency. This course is not a compilation of keyboard tips you learned in the generic Excel courses. You will be shocked you didn’t know these Excel tips and techniques existed!

Equipped with advanced Excel skills become a mandatory requirement in many jobs. Learn how to use powerful formulas to crunch, analyse and glean insights from the data for complex questions and put these challenging formulas and functions to their best use to solve real-world scenarios.  

Still finding yourself taking hours doing repetitive tasks manually with potential human error such as, updating and cleaning data or comparing update workbook to master workbook changes, etc? Excel VBA helps you complete them within minutes without error! Automate your time-consuming tasks now.

Big Data? Data Analysis? Make sure your data is clean. Data cleansing plays a pivotal role during decision-making process or data analysis. In today’s business world, incorrect or inconsistent data can be costly. Equip with this valuable and desirable skill by learning the most efficient way to clean and build quality data.

A Pivot Table allows the extraction of significance from large, detailed data sets. Learn to leverage Pivot Tables to summarise, sort, count and chart your data in Excel, and how to navigate the complexity of Pivot Tables, build them from multiple data sources, add calculated fields, filter results and make it readable. 

Power Query is a BI tool in Excel that allows importing data from different sources and then clean, transform, and reshape the data as needed. Easily transform your data, even the most complex data (e.g. unpivot data), in just a few clicks.  The knowledge you learn in this course can also be applied to Power BI too!

Time to make every presentation a breeze. Learn how to control the presentation without going through sequential slides; how to integrate e.g. Excel during presentation without switching to the application; how to display and surf to company website in the presentation without web browser, and more.

Solutions for your daily “how to” problems. Stop wasting countless of hours trying to figure out how to describe the problem to search for an answer. Learn useful and time saving Word and mail merge tips and techniques to help you get things done more efficiently and increase your productivity.