Excel Tips and Techniques


Excel Tips 105 -
Switch Between Workbooks

If you have opened more than one workbook, you can switch between workbooks by pressing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-Tab.

Excel Tips 104 -
Activate Paste Name Dialog

If you have created lots of named range in your workbook, remembering the names can be a challenge. While entering formula, you can insert a named range from the Paste Name dialog by pressing F3 key.

Excel Tips 103 -
Changing the Cell Reference Type

While entering formula, you can change the cell reference type by pressing F4 key. See example below.

103 Excel Tips

Excel Tips 102 -
Accessing the Ribbon Commands

Accessing the Ribbon commands with the keyboard.

01 Press Alt, the shortcut keys appear on the Ribbon. Press the shortcut key that is assigned to the command that you want.

Excel Tips 101 -
Hiding the Ribbon

N Hiding Ribbon commands.

01 Press Ctrl-F1 to hide the Ribbon commands. Press Ctrl-F1 again to shows the commands again.

N Hiding Ribbon tabs & commands.

02 Press Ctrl-Shift-F1 to hide the Ribbon tabs and commands. Press Ctrl-Shift-F1 again to shows the tabs and commands again.

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