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1-Day Nobody Told Me™ – How To Be Proactive, Resourceful And Stay
Ahead Of Competition Always
Course In Singapore

Learn to activate your intrinsic motivation, be proactive, achieve every goal set and become solution focused

Nobody Told Me™ – How To Be Proactive, Resourceful And Stay Ahead Of Competition Always Course Overview

“Everyone must be proactive and do all they can to help themselves to stay employed.” – Stephen Covey

Whoever you are, whether you are a student, supervisor, manager, CEO or an esteemed employee you need to develop certain task and people oriented skills that allows you to function effectively and strategically to be a great asset you others and to yourself.

At some point in your career you will come to realize that nobody will tell you what to do and you have to grab the bull by the horn and do what you think is necessary.

Octavia Spencer said: “The way to bring about change is to be proactive and active.”

If you intend to stay ahead of your competition and subsequently your career you will have to have within you the skillsets that will make you proactive, productive and resourceful.  These are the time immemorial skillsets that will determine your presence and relevance in your institution and subsequently in the organization you will be working for.

Nobody will tell you how you can achieve this and if you are not mindful this may be the start of your corporate demise. 

To be proactive will require you to have a result-oriented approach to doing what you do every day. In this high impact workshop you will learn the ten strategies embedded by the acronym P.A.C.E.S.E.T.T.E.R.© to nurture your heart, body, mind and soul and become highly productive and resourceful. 

This workshop will show you how you can activate your intrinsic motivation weather tough times, achieve every goal that you set and become solution focused instead of being problem-centric.  By the end of the workshop you will understand and know what to do to be a dynamic student in your institution and a great asset to the people who matter in your life.

At the end of the course, learners are able to:

  • understand what is to be proactive and not being reactive
  • understand why nobody will tell you what to do.
  • apply powerful neurological filters to reframe and reconfigure your mind to be success-orientated
  • connect and communicating emotionally with everyone and anyone
  • bridge the performance gap with effective ‘get-it-done’ strategies
  • learn to make decisions effectively and confidently
  • apply the P.A.C.E.S.E.T.T.E.R. © strategies to become proactive, productive and resourceful
  • turn perceived failures into opportunities using NLP presuppositions
  • achieve success in every aspect of your life

This course is for:

  • CEO, HR managers, customer relations officers, military leaders, law enforcement officers, educators and administrators. 
  • anyone working within the organization who intend to stay ahead of their competition.

This workshop will install in the learners sub-conscious mind Neurological Filters that allow them to have the foresight to be proactive and take the great leap forward in being the super-hero of their organization. 

Highly motivating and interactive workshop that will allow the learners to appreciate their returns of investment and become a valuable asset to their organization.

Course Outline

Our Dedicated Trainer

Daniel is:

  • ACTA-certified corporate trainer,
  • Associate Adult Educator (AAE),
  • Certified Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP®,
  • Trained in Silva Mind Control Systems
  • Bachelor of Laws (Hon) [University of Buckingham, UK]
  • Master in Education (University of Sheffield, UK]
  • Diploma in English (University of London, UK]

Daniel is also the Senior Managing Partner of Lateral Solutions Consulting LLP (incorporated in 2005). Since 1989, Daniel has conducted training for more than 600 organizations with his participants coming from more than 100 countries.  He has designed and delivered customize training programs in areas of design thinking, conflict resolution, negotiation skills, crisis management, leadership, performance management, emotional intelligence, creative thinking, critical thinking, systems thinking, business and personal ethics, speed reading, memory enhancement and customer relationship management.  Daniel’s personal productivity programs have been very well received and has enriched the lives of countless individuals from different walks of life.

Daniel is the author of six books and has written more than 300 articles that have been published in Straits Times and other magazines and journals. Many of his articles are also found at:

His published self-help books include:

  1. Gravitating towards success
  2. Read Faster! Memorize Better! Think Clearer! – Three essential skills for a productive workforce
  3. How to Think Critically with Sun Tzu’s Art of War Stratagems
  4. Developing True Leadership Potential
  5. Guide to Success in Studies for Mature Students
  6. Making Memory Work for You

Daniel is regularly interviewed on radio talk shows with 938 Live [Singapore] and his workshops are featured extensively in the newspapers that attracts wide variety of participants.

He is an adjunct faculty with Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS). Here, he is engaged to lecture on the following: Work Motivation; Human Resource Management; The Law and You; Human Behaviour in Organisation; Leadership Development; Negotiation and Relationship Management; Business Ethics & CSR. 

For more than two decades, Daniel has conducted Career Transition Workshops for SAF and SPF retiring officers and specialists.  Further, Daniel was a Prisons volunteer where he assisted inmates to overcome anger and to transition into civilian life once released from prisons.

As a keynote speaker in conferences and seminars, Daniel is well known for his light-hearted and humorous approach to training by using metaphors and parables and engaging his participants actively throughout his training program.  His key forte is showing participants how to use the techniques taught during the workshop and measuring the returns on investment.

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  • 16 Jun 2020

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