1-Day Mastering The Art Of Assertiveness
For Professional Effectiveness
Course In Singapore

Understand the importance of assertive communication to speak with confidence and poise

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Mastering The Art Of Assertiveness For Professional Effectiveness Course Overview

Learn from the original creator of this course – Ms. Caroline Dawson.

We are in the business of building relationships! People are not necessarily difficult to deal with. They only seem difficult because we lack the skills of an appropriate communication style. You will learn the appropriate communication styles that will help avoid ineffective communication and improve work relationships. Do not let negative experiences affect your willingness to try and be assertive with anyone!

At the end of the course, learners are able to:

  • Understand the importance of assertive communication.
  • Learn the difference between assertive and aggressive behavior.
  • Understand their right to be assertive.
  • Overcome personal roadblocks to assertiveness.
  • Learn the strategies and techniques that will transform them into assertive communicators.
  • Understand the role of body language in assertive behavior.
  • Learn how to employ assertive skills when dealing with difficult people.
  • Learn to speak with confidence, poise and assertiveness.

This workshop is suitable for anyone, including supervisors who want to speak confidently, improve their communication skills, avoid conflict and be assertive rather than aggressive.

This is a highly participative and interactive workshop.

Learners are guided through practical steps of the topic with a combination of discussions, action learning games, assertive skills role plays, case studies, practical work, critique sessions as well as small group work.


Course Outline

  • Importance of branding oneself as a respectable corporate professional—Aristotle’s three Greeks (ethos, pathos and logos).
  • General perception of aggressive individuals.
  • Dealing with issues versus emotions of aggression—the intention behind the action.
  • Managing one’s emotions(aggression) by being aware of emotional intelligence.
  • The fundamentals of assertive behavior.
  • What triggers aggression?
  • Difference between assertive and aggressive communication.
  • Roadblocks to assertiveness.
  • Assertiveness survey.
  • Drawing the line with aggressive people.
  • Five key assertiveness skills.
  • Six levels of assertion.
  • Being mindful by paying close attention to tone—how to communicate with diplomacy and assertiveness by using I-Messages to ensure transparent communication and avoiding aggressive behaviour.
  • Manage subordinates and colleagues.
  • Non-verbal communication in assertive behavior.
  • Identify your communication style.
  • Become assertive in your dealings with people using the DISC model communication styles.
  • Recognising the aggressive trigger behind each personality type and how to manage one’s and others aggressiveness.
  • What causes aggression and how to prevent escalation.
  • How to customise communication style with each of the type
  • Managing conflict using Thomas-Kilmann model (Accomodating, collaborate, compromise, avoid, compete).
  • How to achieve a win-win for both parties? And third win for the organization.
  • The need for decision-making escalation through conflict resolution.
  • Apply appropriate conflict management strategies through role-plays/case studies.

Our Dedicated Trainer

Learn from the original creator of this course.

Caroline has more than 10 years of invaluable experience as an Editor of lifestyle and technical publications and 20 years  teaching business management, environmental and soft-skills communication.  

As a former journalist, Caroline’s professional work experience as a Corporate Trainer/Facilitator,  Keynote Speaker and Learning & Development Consultant; has required her to market the value of  her programs and persuade clients to value and understand the urgency of good communication  and management skills in the work force. As an ACTA certified WSQ trainer, She has also worked  with  the  Workforce Development  Agency  of  Singapore  to  develop  training  content  for  the  Employability Skills System where she successfully attained industry approved competencies in  conducting, planning and designing competency based assessments for communication  workshops. 

Her  many  opportunities  in  working  with  the  public  and  private  sectors  around  the  world  has  enhanced her training experience. Learners of her training workshops attest to her motivational,  instructional and highly experiential training methodology that have helped them in their workplace  business  management.  Caroline  has  trained  operational,  supervisory  and  managerial  staff  from  various organisations. 

She holds a Master of Arts in Mass Communication from NTU (Singapore) and has attained the  Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) certification through the  London Teacher Training College and also teaches English as a foreign language. Caroline is also  an  MBTI®,  DISC  Accredited  Administrator,  Enneagram  and  Lumina  Spark/Emotion  practitioner;   Certified  ScrumMaster®  and  ICAgile  Certified  Professional  Agile  Team  Facilitation  (ICP-ATF)  of  which she uses such tools for top level managers and supervisors on managing their leadership  styles and team members. Caroline is now pursuing her Doctorate in Business Administration from  the University of Teesside (UK). 

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All our courses are not subsidised and non claimable using SkillsFuture credit.

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This course is not subsidised and non claimable using SkillsFuture credit.

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To learn more, be sure to read our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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