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Why join us as an Associate Trainer?

What You Can Expect From Us.

Respect Your Copyrighted Materials.

1) We do things by action, not by lip service. We mean what we say. We hate organisation without integrity and ethics as we strongly believe these are fundamental values every organisation should possess.

We respect copyrighted material, provided that you are the original creator of your own courses. In the event that either party decides to end the collaboration for any reason(s), Advanced Learning Singapore (ALS) will permanently delete all of your copyrighted course-related materials, including outlines, and delist your course(s) entirely from our website or any officially related platform. Additionally, we will NEVER use your copyrighted course materials, including outlines, by replacing them with another trainer and claiming ownership.

We are absolutely certain. The reason is simple – we deeply value every trainer who has collaborated with us and recognise the tremendous effort each trainer puts into creating a course. There is absolutely no justification for claiming ownership and/or utilizing copyrighted course material after our collaboration ends for any reason. This excludes cases of phishing or spoofing attacks, which are beyond our control. 

Fast Payment

2) We absolutely detest delaying anyone’s pay, regardless whether permanent staff, part-time staff or freelancers, and there is no reason to do so under any circumstances. For Associated Trainers, we firmly believe that once training has been completed, the job is done and you should be paid.

Henceforth, we do not wait for our clients to pay us before paying our trainers, i.e., within 30 days or after. Instead, we ensure payment is cleared within five working days upon receipt of the invoice.

Free of Unfair Contractual Terms

3) Finally, we do not impose unfair contractual terms on you. We believe that collaboration should be built on mutual respect and trust. We strongly adhere to the belief that happy trainers lead to happy learners, creating a win-win situation for all involved.

Are you enthusiastic about joining our team of joyful associate trainers? We are currently looking for experienced local native trainers with at least 10 years of professional corporate training experience to lead short courses in the following areas.

We invite you to share your valuable expertise and skills beyond the specified areas, emphasising how you can enrich our learners' capabilities and ensure their skills remain relevant to meet the constantly evolving demands of the future.

  • Psychology
  • HR Management
  • Leadership
  • Communications
  • Finance
  • Personal Development
  • AI
  • Cyber Security
  • Legislation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Security, Fraud
  • Sustainability
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