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Excel Power Query Series 1 - Automating Data Preparation
In-depth Excel Power Query course enabling you to learn a Faster, Smarter and Easier way to automate your data preparation
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Excel 365 Dynamic Arrays Series 1 - Power Functions
Discover the power of Excel new Dynamic Array Functions to simplify many complex tasks to get your results faster, shorter, and much easier
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Power BI Desktop Series 2 - Advanced DAX Formulas
Grasp Power BI at its full potential and get deeper insights from your visualizations by mastering DAX to extract the most useful information from your data
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Memory Empowerment for Higher Efficiency
A person's memory is one most valuable assets. Good memory can be trained. Make use of your memory to its full potential to stand out from the crowd
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When to be a Boss, Leader & Manager?
Knowing when to be a boss, leader, or manager is crucial to effectively navigate different situations. Learn to adapt to different roles as necessary, using skills and expertise to achieve the best results
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Healthy Living for a Happier Life: Small Changes, Big Impact
Discover how simple and sustainable changes can make a big difference in in leading a healthier and happier life by equipping yourself with practical tools and strategies
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Python for Beginners
Most popular, versatile and flexible programming language, as well as the easiest and quickest way to start writing code from scratch
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Digital Marketing Masterclass
Equip with practical, hands-on skills and knowledge on SEO, PPC, social media, email and content marketing and website analytics and more
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All IT Courses are conducted in PC/Windows operating system. There will be no laptop provided. Learners are required to bring along their own laptops for all IT courses.

No GST! We are a non-GST registered company, yet. The more you learn, the more you save!

Highly skilled local trainers with more than 10 years of professional training experience.

All our courses are not subsidised and non claimable using SkillsFuture credit.

A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to learners who attain at least 75% attendance.

No Assessment! Relax and master the skills and knowledge gained through ample hands-on practice.

Courses developed and trained by original creators who know what is best for the learners.

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Quality IT Courses and Soft Skills Training Provider in Singapore

ALS offers bite-sized specialised IT courses to promote in-depth learning. The majority of our IT course outlines are unprecedented in the training market. They are applicable to any industry and benefit the public at large. We ensure that our learners leave with individualised practical skills and knowledge, transforming and enriching their lives.

Our wide range of Soft Skills Training courses provide insight, skills and tools for personal and professional development. 

We as learners ourselves, believe in the importance of creating a positive environment where every individual learns the best when they feel welcomed, comfortable, supportive and happy. Ultimately, we want to provide the best possible learning experiences for our learners.

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