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All IT Courses are conducted in English and PC/Windows operating system

Power BI can connect to hundreds of data sources, build complex relational models using intuitive tools and create data model, calculated fields and measures using DAX formulas. Learn to build database from scratch from the raw data provided and build the data model with table, and how to normalise your data.

Take your skills to the next level by delving deeper and acquiring a more thorough understanding of how Power BI handles Time data that support BI analysis, enabling you to manipulate data using time periods, and use visualisation tools to add stunning and interactivity to your dashboard report.

Power BI Course Series Description – Microsoft Power BI Desktop Courses in Singapore

Do you work with a significant amount of unstructured data at work? Our Power BI Desktop course – consisting of 2 series – are great for those who want to learn data visualisation skills. Our two-part series will develop your ability to analyse, visualise, and present complex sets of data. Leverage on the benefits of using Power BI at work by connecting to multiple data sources to build models that aid in report creations. Both the models and reports created will be shareable and open for others to build upon as well.

Power BI Desktop can be installed FREE on your local computer to any single user that lets you connect to, transform, and visualize your data. Quickly gaining traction as a popular and useful self-service BI platform, you have the avenue to use intuitive tools to design interactive dashboards and data models. Our first series in the power BI desktop training course provided in Singapore will be to build knowledge on data modelling. As the series are linked, it will be good for learners to attend both in sequence.

Part 2 of the series will then focus on the existing knowledge of data modelling to develop data visualising capabilities. As both parts to the series are very closely linked, we encourage interested learners to go through Part 1 before signing up for Part 2. Those who are familiar with data modelling can recap the concepts in Part 1 as it will not be covered in Part 2. Our Microsoft Power BI Desktop Course conducted in Singapore will prepare you to create business intelligence reports in a streamlined and orderly fashion – which would otherwise be disorganised and tedious as a process.